Course Certification

USATF Course Certification:
There are several reason why an event may be interested in certifying their road course.

…Perhaps an event…

…is looking to secure low costs insurance through USATF Sanctioning where certification is a mandatory prerequisite.
…wants to formalize the official distance of their course to ensure those participating run the required length in
order to obtain a credible score (a.k.a. time)
…needs a course diagram to facilitate the discussions of a low, medium or high profile running engagement
…wants to formalize the “traffic” requirements requested of the local municipality… ergo… police department

Whatever the case may be… Who better to certify your event’s course than a member of the Tristate Timing Team. Ross Mistretta or Radhames Camilo will ensure an accurate certification to support your event. If you need to review either of their work or want to contact them directly please checkout their corresponding details below:

Ross’ Course Certifications

Ross’ Contact Email

Radhames’ Course Certifications

Radhames’ Contact Email

Important: Those looking to have their course certified should render the course using Once “mapped” out the course should be approved by the local municipality (Police Traffic Supervisor is a good place to start and gain the necessary assurances).

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