Issue: 1 3-5-2017: 2017 Season Opener Edition

Volume: 6 Issue: 1 – March 1, 2017  – 2017 Season Opener

North Jersey Running Enthusiasts, Welcome to the 2017 Season Opener of What’s on track for North Jersey The Winter months have passed us by and the warm weather has made its way into North Jersey. It once again time to get our kicks on and walk, jog or run our favorite road, park path or trail. As we begin to work back to true running form many of us will set our sights on yet another, often longer distance event. Lets see what the season looks like once it starts to open…

Do you bleed “green”? If so the Pot of Gold, Kinnelon Education Foundation and the new St. Patty’s Day Race, Fairlawn will be held on March 19th to provide you a rainbow of fun.

Need to go farther???… March ends with a series of USATF Championship distance events that will satisfy almost any runner’s appetite including those that like donuts! Be sure to check the USATF Championship Schedule for details.


April opens up with a new event in Elmwood Park provided the Rare is Beautiful 5K Run/Walk & Family Fun Day. Be sure to click the banner below for details! Easter falls on April 16th where we receive a spiritual break before the running schedule ascends to new heights. The season will continue at a steady pace until it tapers off Memorial Day with the Ridgewood 5K/10K. 2017 has a number of events to look forward to so lets take a closer look shall we!

The Apple Chase Run for Life 5K/12, being held on October 15th of this year formally opens its registration on March 1st. Use the code WOTFNJAC to get $5 off registration. The code will only be good until March 31st so act now.

The running schedule really heats up with the RevItUp 5K and 10K Runs! Always a crowd pleaser this event has a little bit of everything as its sponsors go all out to ensure your safety and award everyone for their participation. Don’t worry if you don’t make the podium as there will be plenty of giveaways and “eats” to keep the most famished runner full!

Race Directors! Event Promoters! Runners! You know Tristate Timing is continually looking to place its Events brochure holders wherever they can throughout North Jersey! Currently brochure holders are available at the Sneakerfactory in Florham Park and at the Paramus Road Runner Sports. Tristate Timing has also increased its event exposure through its Facebook Page! If you have not yet seen it give it a view, a Like, Write a Review, a Share to ensure you, your friends and family are notified of What’s on Track… 😉 For those that have not heard the news there is an up and coming mobile app in the Apple Appstore and Google Play. The Run America app is your one stop for everything “running”. Here you can refine, register and record (coming late March 2017) your events . Any event that requires you to “move your feet” will be in Run America at some point soon (that is unless the event chooses not to???). Every walk, run, across all known terrains is destined for Run America. Run America is presently working to integrate all multisport, adventure, color and novelty runs too! The idea behind RunAmerica is simple. Provide an app that can filter through any type of event provided a strong profile of preferences. The current version of Run America brings together all the RunSignUp and Active events in one interface. The rest will soon follow with it enhancements to the event filtering that will show you what you want to see exactly when… you need to see it! Race Directors be sure to checkout their FREE BIB program now that Road ID is charging!!!

If Linkedin is your thing have we got a Group for you! Closing in on one thousand (1000) members the Race Director & Event Promoters Group is the place to discuss anything you need to know about “managing” a run, walk, novelty or obstacle event! Be sure to request admittance and keep on top of what’s going on in the fast paced world of race and event promotions!

Many of those that read this newsletter frequent the various timer schedules in the area to see what’s on track. Tristate Timing’s  Local Event Calendar and the Tristate Timing Event calendar are often updated to keep you informed. If you are in North Jersey you’ll find a number of the local events throughout the area on these two calendars. Definately one to bookmark on your mobile device and check often when that running itch needs some scratching!!!  That’s it for What’s on track for North Jersey… now find a friend, a loved one, an event and get our there and run (or walk) and have fun all while supporting a number of top notch causes and charities…  Anyone looking to provide, promote or share information for the next issue of What’s on track for North Jersey should send an email with those details outlining your contact information. Event “run/walk/race” directors switching to can use the following link to get their event on and Tristate Timing’s Local Event Calendar which will automatically post the event details on Run America then the following day. Back issues of WoTFNJ can now be found under the SOCIAL menu on Gotta Run! RMMR Event Promotions Editorial Staff Besides his philanthropic endeavors as the Passaic County Running Club (PCRC) Head, Ross Mistretta has an interest in Tristate Timing, Run America, maintains a partnership with, collaborates with a number of race directors, promoters & timers through RMMR Event Promotions and is a passionate runner just like you. He is also a IT Operations Management (ITOM) technology consultant for a well know HP, Splunk, ServiceNow and NewRelic Partner. He prides himself on orchestrating a “well run” and “economically fit” event… something we can all appreciate. Ross understands the challenges that fund raising present especially today. Anyone looking to contacting Ross or learning more about his endeavors can connect with him on Linkedin (please indicate that you received your invitation through this newsletter)