Pound the Pavement Philanthropy

Pound The Pavement Consulting (PTPC)

Founded in 2010 while supporting the fundraising effort of two (2) “staple” running events (PCRC Winter Series & Applechase () benefiting a collection of Northern New Jersey charities.

PTP Consulting, specializes in aligning sponsorships to events that incorporate a running component. This would include, any road race 5K through Marathon, duathlon, biathlon, triathlon. Given the plethora of events and the necessity to “stay local” PTPC focuses its attention on events in North Jersey covering Bergen, Passaic, Morris and portions of Sussex and Hudson County.

As businesses have their own philanthropic apirations and focus, PTPC can align the right charitible options to every running infused event, maximizing the time and return back to the event.

When dealing with large corporations its all about the proposal, timing and transcribing the answers to best reflect the charities efforts as they align to the corporate guidlines, aspirations and most importantly the use of the provided benefit.

When dealing with local businesses its a great marketing opportunity to identify new customers by making them aware of how the business functions in the community. Where some businesses are well known for their “local” support, and giving willingly and often there are new businesses that need some level of assurance that their support will not go unrecognized. This is why PTPC has begun to leverage the iWeDo(.com) platform to ensure that patronizing a supportive business go hand in hand with the reflective benefit.

Pound the Pavement Consulting does all the leg work, as the name suggests, socializing your charities mission to the business community at large. PTPC employs a community outreach program in alignment with the largest of nonprofits, just on a smaller more personal scale.

Local businesses are always looking for PTPC to ensure that they receive the appropriate reward based on their level of involvement and commitment to the event.

Some of the additional benefits of working with PTPC but are not limited to:

  • Exposure to new businesses within the surrounding community.
  • Exclusive offers provided to event participants marrying the cause to the needs of your supporters/participants.
  • Whitelisting (naming) existing sponsors to protect their complete and continued support.
  • Earn add’l $$$ to help defray expenses as the event continues to grow.
  • Focus on other aspects of the events while PTPC manages the sponsors from the start to the finish line.

The best part of PTPC is the cost to the event. Most larger nonprofits fuel their expense line (overhead, salaries, etc) through the grants and donations of supportive individuals to the largest of corporations.
PTPC works the same way, but in reverse. We’ll only take a fee for our efforts if and only if we raise money on the event’s behalf. PTPC is 100% confident that we can align the right business(es) to your event/chartity.

Please call or email us today to find out how we can help you make the most of your “running” fundraiser. Contact your area’s sponsorship coordinator for a FREE consultation.

John Coscia|North Jersey Sponsorship Coordinator
ptpconsulting@gmail.com * 203.501.3370