Timing Options

Shoe Tag “chip” Timing (Option #1):
Tristate Timing offers two easy to use Radio Frequency IDentification-based “RFID” timing solutions. The first and most popular is the IPICO Sports Shoe Tag as it’s easy to use and extremely accurate. The setup of the solution is nearly foolproof and only takes a few minutes. Take a look at the following video to understand the IPICO Sports Shoe Tag’s “application”:

The Shoe Tag options come in two (2) flavors, recoverable and disposable. If you want to simplify your event you have the option to let your participants walk or run away with our shoe tags. If you’d like to increase your event benefit and save on our services, as most do, we’ll need to recover all the chips and we won’t have to chase down your participants to do so. We’ll simply arm each of your volunteers with a “Lindstrom RX8150 Oval Head Cutter” and with two quick snips the tag can be placed in the recycling bucket.

Events up to 300 participants (willing to support chip recovery) cost $800 ($1.50 per participant thereafter). Events that would prefer to dispose or give away the chip (a.k.a shoe tag) cost $1050 ($2 pp thereafter). When employing a disposable or commemorative “chip” (see the custom timing tag video below) a sponsor can be engaged to defray a portion of the physical expense by subsidizing a portion of the cost. This is another way Tristate Timing continues to help its customers keep their costs down. Both IPICO Sports Shoe Tag solutions are “economically fit” allowing the engaged non-profits or target beneficiaries to realize more for their “cause”. That has and will always be our bottom line…

The Jennings “manual” System (Option #2):
If you are having your first event, not getting the turnout you expected or simply want to keep your costs to a bare minimum we have the manual scoring option for you. Barbara Jennings has been scoring races for more than 25 years. By combining her select timing methods with present day software we can give your participants a first rate experience.

The Jennings System is your entree into timing a 5K and Barbara can incubate your run until its ready to move to a more expedient and streamlined chip-based option. Please look over the Jennings Systems brochure (revised version coming soon) and let us know how Tristate Timing or more specifically Barbara can assist you.

Update for 2016: Events up to 175 participants have been set at a flat cost $550 ($.90-.70 per participant thereafter). 

BIB TAG “chip” Timing (Option #3)
The third option is the IPICO BIB TAG which can be used with our stock, RoadID or custom bibs. The IPICO BIB TAG supports extremely accurate and consistent read rates. Its also sturdy compared to other “btags” solutions. Any event that is looking to leverage a BIB TAG will quickly realize that it’s the perfect size for their bibs and easy place in a packet for quick pickup. Our BIB TAGS are also provided to you ready to run! Assembled! No peel and stick here! 😉

Note: When looking to “net” score an event or simply provide chip times along side gun times the Shoe and BIB tags are the options for you. The Jennings System will group all finishers provided a unified “gun” start. Individual start times are not supported. Please contact us for pricing.

Interested in learning more? Please visit the IPICO BIB TAG page then contact us (link to contact us page).

Update for 2016: Events up to 300 participants have been set at flat cost of $1150 ($3.55-$1.35 per participant thereafter). 

Custom Shoe and Bib Tags:
RMMR Event Promotions, a Tristate Timing partner, markets custom timing tags to support sponsors and events interested in circulating their message or event details. An extremely powerful media piece leading up to an event, a custom Shoe tag zeros in on your captive audience as runners and walkers will view/receive your message each time they affix this show tag at an event near you well before race day. Be sure to checkout the samples then contact RMMR Event Promotions  for further details.

The following video outlines the IPICO Sport Timing solutions Tristate Timing offers its customers. Find the right “fit” for your purpose!:

Update for 2016: Events including a Packet Pickups will incur a fifteen percent (15%) increase in event costs based on their preregistration numbers. Please talk to your Tristate Timing sales consultant for details.