RunSignUp Mobile Timer

RunSignUp Mobile Timer Widget

RunSignUp Mobile Timer is a universal application that allows race directors to accurately time and place a foot race with a real time, modern solution.

There are three sections of the application are:
Timer: Records a runner’s time and place.
Chute: Records a runner’s place and bib number.
Checker: As a backup, pairs a runner’s bib, place and time in order to cross-check.

The chute even has a built-in barcode scanner for quick and easy bib addition.

The archive can be accessed from the main menu, and stores all data locally so that even if you lose a connection to RunSignUp, you may still continue timing and upload results when you gain a connection.

An offline mode is included for users who wish to time and place races but without interfacing with RunSignUp online. To get data off the device, view your results in the archive, and tap share->email. Supported formats are CSV and JSON.

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