Who We Are

Who is Tristate Timing?
Tristate Timing was founded by Sal Laduca and was soon supported by his cousin, Ross Mistretta, an avid event promoter. Radhames Camilo one of the first to join the company is now also an owner. Tristate is further comprised of a number of other individuals that have come together given their interest/involvement in timing & promoting events. Some are race directors, others promoters however all are “race timers” and all are most are athletes. We understand the importance of your time. We will be the last ones to waste it!!!

Is Tristate Timing Expensive?
Events up to 300 participants (supporting the “recoverable” chip option) cost $800 ($1.50 per participant thereafter). Events requesting a disposable SHOETAG (chip) cost $1050 ($2.00 pp thereafter) and BIBTAG (chip) $1150 (descending sliding scale thereafter) . Tristate has many programs that can be put in play to offset or subsidize the costs of timing your event. For example, those events that can secure a “chip” or “bib” sponsorship will subsidize or absorb a potion of the physical timing costs whereby reducing the costs and increasing the bottom-line benefit for the charity, non-profit(s) or cause the event is being held to support.

Even without a subsidy, Tristate Timing provides the most economical timing options in the tristate area.

Who are Tristate’s Partners?
We try and partner with any and every athletic or non-profit organization that wants to time an event, function or practice accurately. We work very closing with many of the local area running clubs to test and ensure our capabilities. You can catch up with us at most Racefaster, Main Street Marketing & Events, AC Race Management and Blue Penguin events.

The following are Tristate Timing’s Premier and Gold Partners. Be sure to check them out!

Premier Partners:
A Blue Penguin Productions: abluepenguin.com
AC Race Management: ac-racemanagement.com
Racefaster.net: racefaster.net
Main Street Marketing & Events: mainstreetevents.org
RunSignUp: RunSignUp.com
K&M Photography: kmphotographynj.zenfolio.com
Pound the Pavement Consulting – Sponsorship Recruiting: johncoscia@optonline.net

Gold Partners:
Fit 4 All NJ: (Greg Dabice) peqtri.com
Trophy Depot: trophykits.com
Rock Race Timing: rockracetiming.com
Barwick Group: barwickgroup.com